Every moment in our life can be an adventure, lesson, an opportunity to be grateful. It just depends on how we tell our story. I learned this as I traveled the world in my 20s.  I would retell my weekly adventures to a small email list and that gave me the perspective to stand back from my current situation and see it as part of the big adventure. You are helping me keep this same perspective by being here and I am so grateful to you.

I am on an adventure of living/working/adjusting in Germany as I build my art business and the inner growth that takes. I struggle with overwhelm, not feeling good enough, and the myth of the "starving artist". Lets work on this inner growth together. 

Sign up below if you would like to go on a spiritual journey through art, where we will address:
  • overcoming fear
  • the sacred in everyday life
  • spiritual beliefs - as I reach beyond my Christian upbringing
  • exploring the world around us
  • receiving inspiration
  • working through creative challenges
  • self expression
  • mental illness (may I call it spiritual awakening?)
  • Bonus:  Exclusive freebies along the way
This is a little haven where I share more openly about my experiences. By opening up and getting personal I hope to inspire you to live your wildest dreams, you may even learn a little more about art making along the way.  Let's go for a ride. 

"We're all in this together," - Red Green
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